Home systems examined during a home inspection:

During a home inspection the areas in the homes cut out are what we look at and determine the viability and life left in these systems.

TPR Valve.jpg

Here we see a TPR Valve (Temperature Pressure Relief Valve)

  • The line is pinched which will not allow the water and steam to discharge.

  • The line is soft copper, this is incorrect.

  • The line should be made of a rigid piping material rated for high temperatures.

unsealed roofing nails.jpg

A simple repair that is widely overlooked is sealing the nails on a roof.  Exposed nails can, overtime allow water to infiltrate the roof.  Below are some examples of what can happen if this is not done.

roof nail leak.jpg

Water has entered through an unsealed roof nail.

roof nail leak 2.jpg

The water has made its way onto and through the attic insulation.

roof nail leak 3.jpg

The water has made its way into the drywall on the ceiling.

Windows need to be maintained properly to ensure peak performance.

  • This window had a date of 1978 on it.

  • Windows should be replaced after 2 or 3 decades depending on material.

  • Depending on materials windows can last anywhere from 10 to 40+ years.

window age.jpg
low electrical.jpg

This deck was added on to the back of the house, who ever built this did not take into account the height of the electrical coming into the home. The minimum height from the deck to the line should be no lower than 10 feet. 

This measured just under 7 feet!

The metal sitting below the roof sheathing should be on the sheathing. This defect can allow water to miss the gutter and roll behind the siding causing moisture issues.

drip edge.jpg
dryer vent.jpg

Dryer vents can build up with lint and debris causing a blockage and a potential fire hazard. This needs to be cleaned regularly, along with a critter guard so no animals can make their way into the vent.

  • Around 2,900 clothes dryer fires happen each year

  • Failure to clean dryer and duct work is a contributing factor

  • Lead to $35 million in property loss

  • Dryer fires peak in the fall and winter months

A huge safety issue in this photo, you can see the door to the basement being blocked by a deck.  This is the only exterior egress point in the basement and can't be blocked.

Basemnet Exit blocked.jpg
main panel thermal.jpg
flir camera.jpg

We can use our FLIR thermal camera to detect moisture issues, heating/cooling leaks, even electrical issues!


Not all defects can be seen from the ground and you as the potential new home owner should feel better knowing that not a square inch of your new home wasn't inspected.

on roof.jpg